There is nothing better tasting than milk fed pork.  

During Spring, Summer and Fall our pigs are allowed to graze and forage in the pastures, digging for grubs, enjoying the sunshine and making mud holes.  Wintertime they are kept in a paddock area to more closely monitor them with the dramatic temperature changes KY can have. They still have access to play outside and bask in the sun.  They always have access to a shelter from the weather with nice dry straw bedding - they LOVE when new bedding is put down.  They play like little kids in it. Rolling and squealing with delight. 

When we first started in raising pigs, we had a pair of Tamworth's.  We have since raised a variety or breeds over the years yet our hearts always remained with the "Tammy's". So, we purchased two Tamworth gilts in December 2022 and should have some Tamworth piglets of our own in 2023.

Tamworth Pigs are a Heritage Breed on the "watch list" for the Livestock Conservancy, here at Keach Manor we are looking forward to helping their numbers grow.  To learn more about heritage breeds please visit HERE.

We keep our numbers to a minimum to ensure each animal is well cared for until harvest day.  Each is given fresh goat milk daily, provided courtesy of our Dairy Goats on the farm.  They are also fed a diet that includes vegetables, fruits and a grain from our local feed mill, Bagdad Roller Mill.

We will have a few half or whole pigs available thru out 2024.  To be placed on a waiting list, please contact us

How does purchasing a half or whole hog work?

  1.  You contact us to inquire about availability.
  2.  You place a non-refundable deposit of $100 down to reserve your half or whole pig.  
  3. We spend the time tending to, raising and loving your pig.  Each animal is cared for as if we would be consuming their meat.  If we would not eat it ourselves, we would not sell it to anyone.
  4. We will inform you of the harvesting date at least 30 days prior to give you time to prepare for freezer space and payment.  At this time, we will send you a "cut sheet".  This will allow us to ensure you get the cuts of meat that you prefer.  Don't worry, we can help you decide if you have any questions.  It can be confusing at first.
  5. We take your pig to our local trusted processor.  
  6. We will send you an invoice for the harvesting fee and curing fees (if applicable). Hanging weight is after the animal has been dispatched and cleaned, leaving just the carcass remaining.  You will have 48 hours to pay your invoice.  Your $100 deposit will be credited to your final bill at this time.
  7. You head to the processor and pick up your amazing pork. Then go home and start cooking!

Current hanging weight price currently is $5 per pound.  This does not include any additional charge for curing bacon or ham.


Available Upcoming Bacon Bits

Berkshire x Tamworth, Due Feb 5th, 2024

Berkshire x Tamworth, Due Feb 6th, 2024

Weaned, castrated and wolf teeth cut piglets will be $100 each or $75 each for 2 or more purchased at the same time.

One of our previous  Berkshire Sows